Lyn and Earnie’s Garden

Bold and brash beading plants.
‘Lyn and Ernie’s Garden’ was the second of two open garden I saw a few months back in Pitsworth. It certainly was bright and colourful with huge swathes of annuals and beading, beneath mature palms and trees. A separate pool garden behind the house was a welcome rest for the eyes with a finely manicured lawn, specimen palms and foliage plants as well as a beautiful gazebo. Throughout the garden were some quirky, interesting and some what odd garden ornaments- each to their own. The did make people to the garden smile.
 Some of the sunflowers among the boarders. The one on the left is ‘Teddy Bear’.
 The pool garden- an oasis of green in a very bright and colourful garden.
A spectacular Kalanchoe sheltered from winter frosts beneath a Silky Oak tree.
Some of the, lets say, interesting garden ornaments.

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